Mystic Harbor

Family YAY! Trips

Whether visiting

 Mystic Seaport: The Museum of America and the Sea in the morning and

 Mystic Aquarium in afternoon, capped off with quality time spent at the  HYPERLINK "" Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center, Mystic is alphabet soup for families of all ages. A, of course, is for Mystic Aquarium, synonymous with Mystic. The main headliners at the aquarium are the more than 6,000 sea creatures that include the only beluga whales in New England, African black-footed penguins and thousands of other mammals, fish and invertebrates.


One of the most memorable birthday party ideas is to schedule a tete-a-tete with a penguin, seal, beluga whale or stingray in a close-up animal encounter at the aquarium.


Though some of these encounters can be costly—what special occasions aren’t? However, look at it as a long-term investment for the future: A treasure of wealthy memories.


Laurie Macha, curator of marine mammals and birds, who is also known as the “penguin lady” and conducts many of the penguin encounter programs, says her work is her destiny, and one can safely say she speaks for all the dedicated staff members at the aquarium.


What is the difference between a sea lion and a seal? You will discover no spoiler alert here and, instead, ask the family members to answer the question AFTER your Mystic Aquarium day trip, one of the most fun learning adventures in the state.