The Seecret Team

Our Team

Stacy Lytwyn/Founder 

Through a simple day trip, Stacy Lytwyn has discovered the secret for a happy life: Go and Flow. What is flow? Flow is an engaging, engrossing activity that is worth doing for its own sake, so pleasurable that you lose all track of time. In other words, experiences over things equals joy. Her flow state of mind was jump-started in the early 90s when she began her 13-year family travel writing career, and the benefits continue to imprint her personal life.

 Among her many Go and Flow work projects, she is author of Consummate Connecticut: Day Trips with Panache, the most comprehensive day trip guidebook about the state and her latest kindle debut Sight Seecrets: A Day Trip Experience, Romantic Getaways in Mystic, Connecticut, Magical, Mystical Love Letters.

 You S.A. LLC is a company she launched with the mission of sparking others to enjoy the Go and Flow lifestyle.


Tom Clark / Co Founder
/ Creative Director and Brand Strategist

Is on mission with Sight Seecrets to be a part of a greater cause then himself and loves to collaborate with other think tankers entrepreneurs and anyone who has a new idea they want to bring to market or needs branding for or rebranding for to brand, design and or launch New Products to Market that have come to the minds of men from the loving, protecting, nurturing compassionate artistic and creative mind of God to help all creation that may need custom brand development, packaging design and overall creative strategy thus we would love to help you " Tell the Story of Your Brand.