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The excerpt below is from Herald of Health, written by R.R. Bowker. It was published July 1873, but illustrates our modern-day philosophy.

To roam free as the air under the open sky, what bit of life worth living?

There is no other traveling which gives such utter satisfaction, none of which one is so thoroughly his own master, hampered by no conditions, fretted by no anxieties over catching trains, or meeting friends, or taking care of baggage. With the friendliness for sky and earth that comes of it, you are at home anywhere; the knapsack on your back carries everything you need, and plans your path is where you will. 

Your plans are perfectly flexible--there is no little glory in that independance--and you rightfully allow yourself to be beguiled by whatever that is beautiful in nature tempts you to stay or stray or gives you, in your very content with it, the best of recreation.

The air breezes through your very veins. Ah, yes, it is oxygen, that is the elixir vitae! Yet now it is discovered, how few are the philosophers who will quaff its youth-giving delight!


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