Doodling Day Trips

Working on the final stages of sight seecrets: A Day Trip Experience, Romantic Getaways in Mystic, Connecticut, Magical, Mystical Love Letters, I’ve reflected on my many adventures in that area as well as other areas.

I like the way day trip memories bring a sense of organization into my, many time hectic, sometime chaotic, life. I view my life from the perspective of the places I’ve been, the things I’ve seen, the people I’ve met and, most of all, the capital gains insight I took away from the day trip.

As a long-time writer, I appreciate non-fiction, fiction and life-stuff outlines more with each passing year. Day trip remembrances help me outline my past, categorize it and substantiate my purpose in life. Looking back, I did leave more than a trace of footprints: A landfill of giggles, smiles and laughs.

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