Arrowheads on the Road to Happy Destiny

When I was in grammar school, one of my favorite activities was delving into the belly of the backwoods, noted for its rich native history, and hunting for arrowheads. My playmates and I never found one arrowhead. What we did discover was an array of granite, garnet, dragonflies, toads, skunk cabbage and once a hidden creek that we had, to our glee, initially mistaken for quick sand.

Though arrowheads never materialized during our scavenger-hunt years, we gained the art and value of teamwork, cooperation and respect. Hence, we fine-tuned our curiosity and cemented our confidence. In essence, we created a rudimentary blueprint that guided us in our crossover into adulthood. Any architect knows you need a sound blueprint for a solid structure.

 An adult day trip, with one or more other travelers, is synonymous with a childhood playdate. Treasure quests.  Creative endeavors. Laughter shared. Lessons learned, and memories bundled up as an investment for a better tomorrow. Best of all, you never stop believing that an arrowhead may turn up on the road to happy destiny.

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